nternet giants compete for small and medium sites to grow into gold

small owners, their website is not Sina, NetEase that huge amount of traffic, no swarms of advertising companies, but their ability is not ignored, in Chinese decided the future of the Internet revolution, they will have important hidden power.

Tencent shot or acquisition Comsenz

back in half a month before, there will be news of Tencent to buy shares Comsenz, Comsenz is a well-known community platform and service provider, the company’s most famous product is the home of many websites Discuz forums. March 2008, Google has invested millions of dollars in shares Sheng kang. The rumors, but also repeatedly referred to the acquisition of Google may be held in the hands of Tencent investment.

in June 17th, while Tencent rumored acquisition news has become a hot Kang Sheng, vice president Li Mingshun has told the media that Comsenz, Chuan is completely groundless things, denied the media reports. However, whether or not Comsenz denied, at least from the current proof of Tencent, the emperor penguin began to focus on small and medium-sized site this station has not been "reasonable exploitation" of gold.

resources are always hot in Chinese in the Internet, as the reality of oil, gold, who holds the resources in the network, who is equal to hold the winning magic weapon. The Tencent rely on QQ to win over hundreds of millions of Internet users, the achievements can not shake the Empire; Alibaba rely on Taobao has attracted tens of millions of businesses, casting e-commerce their dominance; Baidu is the control of hundreds of millions of search results on the site, and sat down on the domestic search engine head hand chair.

in the Internet, although the top 5 portals to absorb the vast majority of network traffic, but from tens of thousands of small and medium sites combined to hundreds of times higher than the number of visits to these portals. If any enterprise can through different products and services, these small webmaster contact, make a large number of small and medium-sized webmaster to become their own hands a force, and to the webmaster to create space for development to their expectations, they will undoubtedly occupy great initiative in the internet.

Tencent naturally will not let such resources, it will naturally have such an attempt. In fact, the Tencent from the reality of the situation, there are a lot of cash in hands of Tencent, and if the acquisition of Kang Sheng successful, then Comsenz’s Discuz community allows Tencent’s SOSO greatly improve their search capacity in the community. Kang Shengqi another medium and small webmaster using the UCenter SNS community can also linked with QQ, let QQ users do not have in the two registered by the QQ number, all smooth landing forum, increase QQ stickiness, consolidate the penguin empire.

and the Tencent, if many small owners can live this rich resources through the acquisition of Kang Sheng win, then the Tencent will reverse their corporate image, become grassroots entrepreneurs and partners, and in Baidu, Alibaba tug >