Death acceleration vertical footwear B2C pattern change



news January 29th, I believe that friends familiar with the electricity supplier, the vertical footwear business facing numerous casualties, turn turn, change, death, disease, and to seek "married" to describe the most appropriate. Vertical footwear business after this round of reshuffle, now in the domestic electricity supplier to the Tencent rich investment "best buy" dandy, rich two generations of BELLE’s "excellent shopping network" and as early as 2012 Goldman Sachs Group and Heiner Asia ten million U.S. dollars financing "making shoes", forming a vertical the first camp B2C shoe pattern.

in the environment of low trough, to survive the vertical B2C footwear enterprise must have unique, stable internal repair solid foundation, take the sustainable and healthy development of the route, have sufficient strength. Then let us together to buy a good music, excellent buy network, beat the shoe network, these three shoes enterprises in the first place and the development trend of vertical footwear B2C discussion. Mainly from 5 aspects, such as user access, sales volume, platform transformation, innovation model and capital investment.

access is king


we live in a variety of network advertising information surrounded by the era, in the fast-paced, high frequency, full load situation, the user gradually on the fast, safe, well-known electricity supplier website to generate a sense of trust. The home appliance business enterprise, do anything to find ways to improve their own website UV, PV, IP, in the road traffic for the king’s money and efforts. In 2012, B2C experienced a vertical footwear business over five hurdles will be six challenges, in 2013 at the beginning of the new year at the beginning, learn from domestic authoritative data research firm Alexa, in making shoes, led by excellent shopping, good music to buy exclusive top three, in three consecutive months of vertical flow at the top of B2C shoe steady state.


Alexa from the latest data show: 2013 vertical shoe access ranking chart data, we may be somewhat in doubt, good music to buy traffic is plunged, excellent shopping network by big user traffic backing, but also so? Why making shoes in this "battle" survived, and achieved considerable economic benefits in terms of user traffic


according to the analysis of the industry, good music to buy because put stop advertising network, the overall traffic fell sharply, IP daily visits to decline to around 80 thousand, the average daily amount of about 660 thousand PV browsing, so far there is no sign of recovery. Excellent shopping network has BELLE this traditional business background, July 2011 officially launched as the new 2 years of good performance, called the dark horse. From the media industry analysis, good music to buy now suffered setbacks, excellent shopping network as potential stocks but "too young", making shoes in 07 years officially entered the commercial footwear B2C, by virtue of the supply chain, geographical advantage, warehouse management and.