My friend WOYO Chinese college drama club was established in Jiaotong University




by (my friend entertainment) sponsored the "WOYO China college drama club" held a grand ceremony at the Xuhui campus of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The surprise is directed "Tang Bohu scholar" and Stephen Chow’s movie director Li Lichi and in the sitcom "family with children" in a corner of Liu Xing, Zhang Yishan also appeared in the inaugural ceremony of the club. As a director, Li Lichi sent to the WOYO Chinese college drama "great expectations, even said to pick some comedy talent in the college drama club, the members of the society had to be overjoyed. In addition, Zhang Yishan is now known to every family in the inaugural ceremony was warmly welcomed by the audience, as if he had been growing a pair of Idol style, is very exciting.




According to (my friend entertainment) chairman Mr. Cao Xu said, "the establishment of the WOYO China college drama club" aims to explore the students of the drama, film and television creative, give students an artistic creation platform. The company believes that college students will be able to create wonderful works of art.