Domain hot 7 in late August the industry’s most fire corn


in August in a hot scene, mid Sina Mars domain name, Google $12 billion 500 million acquisition of Motorola mobile off the upsurge of domain name registration and other popular events, caused concern in the industry, there are still several late domain in popular concern domain, such as Fang Chuan Yi Xun will enable the domain name, Groupon domain name who is bigger who, then understand so far in late August, the tight eye-catching

domain name?

easy fast suffered Jingdong


recently anecdotal news of domestic 3C products shopping fast and easy web site will enable to upgrade the website domain name in September, the domain name to jump to the easy fast network, domain compared to, will be relatively good memory, but the name is still insufficient, is or Jingdong mall domain name also have this situation however, with the Jingdong, Jingdong mall Pinyin, because the phonetic domain is more easy to be popularized in China, domain and domain name with "with" wonderful, easy fast network will get


Baidu easy platform on-line hot



mobile phone operating system (no official qualitative) easy platform to enable two domain on the line, but easy platform and other related domain name system three spell but early others’ property, in 2010 registered the domain name system Beijing one platform company, mobile phone company is a professional online lottery operator. CN domain name has been registered, held for the domain name enthusiasts, whether Baidu will offer a platform for brand image with easy platform yipingtai related domain name? But you can imagine, if Baidu has been used to get the website domain name will be more twists and turns.

group treasure nets


domestic Groupon in and group purchase originator, two is the only website domain name suffix, Groupon often is said to follow the example of, face printing this rumor, in 2011 China Internet >