With the Shanghai network check please check your web site

Receive IDC message:

1, there is no record immediately go to the record. Www.miibeian.gov.cn    there is no record of the site, and soon all were ordered to shut down. Respond to the call of policy, take the time to record. Can not be careless. In particular, the use of space and server owners, but also to pay attention to. Check your server to see if there is a leak site.

2, check the behavior of all mobile phone induced registration and page, as well as union code. This will be the focus of the rectification and inventory in July, pay attention to your site advertising, there is no violation of the union code, in particular the use of erotic screen induced cell phone registration, grab one, a penalty. Pay attention to your previous page. Movie page. Many Shanghai IDC mentioned this point. Particular focus. That page is not fit to be seen are not a lot of personal webmaster, but some webmaster speculation some non deception is not the only person "website.

3. forum in the erotic edge, no record, poor management, will be hard to check, many owners put a forum for a week without management, advertising, mass ad message everywhere, this is very dangerous, not the value of the forum and message board, to close.