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      community CEO is a great way for large companies to stay efficient.

      when Jobs returned to apple in 1997, Apple Corp seems to have past hope.

      but the innovation management consultant expert Gifford · Gifford believe that apple can revive. Jobs will once again arouse the power of Apple’s community, his first few failed to truly understand the community to become a big brand Apple Corp. The engineers who designed the first apple computer were very proud of their contribution to the community, and they printed their signatures on the first batch of Macintosh computers."

      for large companies CEO, the creation of a community atmosphere has become a minimum of leadership art. Lewis ·: "in the present; Hyde property love life" a book will be set up in the "give" on the basis of the economy called "gift economy", to distinguish between representation and exchange economy. The gift economy is the basic principle of building a community.

      the scientific community is also a community organization that follows the principle of gift economy. Scientists who enjoy the highest status are not those who have the most knowledge, but those who have made outstanding contributions to the field of learning. "A knowledgeable scientist who has little contribution to the field of study is unlikely to have the honor and status." Hyde explained in the book.

      each employee within the Sun company has its own virtual avatar (similar to a personal icon). The original incarnation is small and simple, but if a person provides useful information to help other people in sun, the system can collect other people’s gratitude to him. His avatar will grow, and as the incarnation of the growth will be with hats and clothes, body will also change. "Sun captures the fundamental spirit of the community, that is, the improvement of personal status depends on selfless giving, and this concept is deeply rooted in the company’s communication system." Gifford believes that from a community perspective, the largest contribution to the community and community members of the highest status, which is the result of economic stimulus can not be achieved.

      but the community atmosphere within the big company also needs to be handled with care. IEA is a small group of programmers in the DuPont Co fiber division, which is dedicated to the development of an application called CASE. In addition to providing services to the optical sector, IEA also serves other sectors, reflecting the principle of gift economy. However, when IEA’s membership has grown from 5 to more than 50, most of the group’s effort has been devoted to services outside of the optical fiber sector