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1.3Q, vice president of second war case trial today the supreme law judge

December 4th morning news, the Supreme People’s Court issued a notice, at 9 on the morning of December 4th in the first court hearing the case of the public hearing of the Tencent in the case of unfair competition in 360. This is the second case in the 3Q series.

it is reported that the morning of December 4th, the Supreme Court held a public open day, invited 80 netizens and media representatives to attend the hearing of this case, and the vice president Xi Xiaoming personally served as chief judge.

Xi Xiaoming is currently the Supreme People’s court party members, vice presidents, members of the judicial committee, two judges. He in the civil and commercial judicial practice experience, has been involved in China’s contract law, guarantee law, bankruptcy law, company law and other important laws and judicial interpretations of the drafting of civil and commercial law, economic law theory and practice research.

2 airizu 2 years burn millions of dollars still

The climate does not suit one. sanhuo

love day is the first to enter the Chinese online short term game player, who together with Airbnb education rent short domestic users and entrepreneurs, when scenery have given ten million to promote the single, also received Homeaway and eLong offer. However, when the ants short rent, pig short rental and travel the world to rival the rise time, airizu because funding strand breaks off to become martyrs online short rental industry.

The three co founders of

now airizu has Gebendongxi, two of them went to the United States, to stay in Zhang Ruoyu Chinese, to continue their careers. Zhang Ruoyu recently launched the online home rental site beautiful home, and claimed to have won ten million strategic investment, the investment were well-known decentralized apartment operators excellent group and a domestic fund Parke.

3 bitcoin China was $5 million A round of financing: platform trading volume has more than 200 million yuan!

is a China bitcoin bitcoin trading platform, launched on June 2011, according to the information provided by the current trading volume has exceeded the other two bitcoin trading platform – Mt. Gox and BitStamp, to become the world’s largest bitcoin transaction trading platform. Bitcoin China’s highest daily trading volume of nearly 90 thousand bitcoins, the highest daily trading volume has more than 200 million yuan.

bitcoin was born in 2009, it is based on a set of code encoding, through complex algorithms, to achieve worldwide circulation through any computers connected to the Internet, anyone can buy, sell or collect, mining bitcoin. Because of its scarcity, the gradual realization of the availability of affordable, and Internet payment (especially small micro payment) extremely low cost characteristics, bitcoin has evolved into the actual price of virtual digital assets.

4 WeChat friends into the "circle" network extension "acquaintance economy"