The electricity supplier golden master era five sides patron director of the heat price war

is blind or friction, orderly competition? Is staking, or only for the self preservation? Since May, B2C launched a website called "the history of the largest price war, until this week, has Tmall, Jingdong,, Gome online mall and Kuba, Yi Xun and many other sites involved in dangdang. Each site has accumulated promotional promotional investment over ten billion.

this round of home appliances 3C products as the core of the electricity supplier price war from the parties involved in the number of funds and momentum are more than ever before, and even lead the industry on the "price war" will affect the development prospects of B2C Chinese questioned the electricity supplier industry.

however, in the noisy, this round of price war is no longer a single surface burn electricity supplier sales figure, but their main gold backed by "". This issue of 3C weekly will be interpreted by readers after restructuring, mergers and acquisitions or strategic adjustment, the major electricity supplier new pattern.

1, Tmall series: large scale

Tmall is not price war ", but its input the initiator of evil" 200 million yuan to join the war, directly led to the further escalation of the price war.

in accordance with the home appliance industry insiders say, home appliances on the scale of rebate profit, scale is larger, the greater the rebate. Tmall is just platform based electricity supplier, currently only 2% of the commission charged transaction. The Tmall massive investment, or intended to stir the market as soon as possible, get market share.

Ali group to accelerate the scale of

May 21st, Alibaba group and YAHOO jointly announced that the two sides have signed a final agreement on the issue of equity repurchase. Ali will spend $6 billion 300 million in cash and no more than $800 million of new preferred shares to buy back the hands of Ali group held by YAHOO’s stake in. If the future Ali IPO, will have the right to repurchase 50% of the remaining shares held by YAHOO.

In the

protocol to Ali listed as the time the choice of treatment regimen plus the remaining equity held by the Alibaba of YAHOO also said IPO, reverie.


Ali said that there is no IPO specific plans about the listing decision will make the appropriate time in the future, but most industry insiders said, after the agreement will be more conducive to the implementation of Ali strategic planning and business strategy. After the privatization of Alibaba B2B re listed, will be packaged to carry out the entire group, including B2B, B2C, C2C three business segments, as well as a Amoy, etc..

IT critic Jia Jinghua said Ali after the repurchase of shares of YAHOO, 2015 must be listed, it is bound to expand the scale.

for Ali’s future overall listing of the road, Tmall’s 3C as a separate business system to promote, frequently on the 3C force becomes clear and reasonable: Tmall Electric City previously announced invested 200 million yuan in subsidies for businesses, so that the price for the bottom of the breakthrough, is rapidly increasing their in the electric.