Marketing is the biggest problem in precision marketing

          we are from the beginning of 05 years, will target in the field of mobile marketing. This paper puts forward a series of concepts, including three parts: interactive marketing, loyalty marketing and directional marketing. The innovation of these products is based on the following three parts. While talking about mobile marketing, we focus on the field of education. Many concepts have not, so these products, services are facing the problem of market development. In this we have invested enormous human and financial resources, but if we can make use of resources and the industry to do the market, which is our biggest channel.

        precision marketing is still in the primary stage  

          our own resources are concentrated in the mobile internet. Precision marketing vendors, products, concepts are many, because it meets the current business needs. At the same time, the traditional Internet advertising model also has limitations, or indeed need innovation. So, a lot of innovative products and services in the industry. I think there are a lot of really good, such as "flying", "open up the horizon" and so on.  

            but compared to the Internet, I think the whole mobile value-added, that is, enterprise oriented mobile value-added services is just beginning. Business model, including the shape of the product is still in an exploratory stage. At the same time with the operator and the cooperation of mobile phone users and consumer characteristics, such as the traditional Internet does have different. So it’s going to take a pretty long time to develop.

        but in the traditional network company, now based on vertical search or industry search, I think a lot of relatively mature.  

        mobile phone is most likely to achieve true precision  

          for precision marketing, we take the mobile marketing is concerned, or hope that the end of the enterprise to be able to put it on time, accurate, allowing these features to play out. Able to put the most accurate marketing information, with a relatively accurate time to allow, willing to receive mobile phone users on the phone. Mobile phone users can also query the marketing information anytime, anywhere. In fact, our products and services are based on such a vision. Now just to achieve a part, or that there is a little bit of meaning, but I believe that the future must have such a goal can be achieved. Because the phone is used anytime, anywhere, so, based on it to do precision marketing, I think it is most likely to achieve the true essence.