Look at those we should pay attention to the marketing point from one way of Thailand embarrassed em

latest movie is a fire, it is < one way of Thailand > embarrassed embarrassed; until now, has exceeded 300 million at the box office, have to say is a big black horse, running in the dark horse, bring us thinking what would it be, if you think this is a dark horse to the operation, you will see that the way of marketing, after all now tastes so different today, to grasp the marketing opportunities often become more important, so this article will talk about it, we can see from the marketing mode in Thailand embarrassed.

) what is the Navy, let us look at the watercress



from above, we can see that < always believe one way; embarrassed embarrassed Tai > scores should not be so high, in those early days, scores have been maintained at 8.9 points, and these days as more and more people watch after falling slowly scores down, too that in the early stage of the promotion is an art, but in another movie in < the king’s feast, > has been publicly used the Navy, also have to say here "will also be a tool for the promotion of his film, especially in the evaluation of the most good watercress. Scores are often on behalf of the good quality of the movie, if you set up a fraction of the advantage in the early, often will produce crucial effect on the box office.

The use of

in the here, I believe that the film industry has become an open secret, after all, the platform is not much, before a lot of people watching movies is often the first to see the evaluation, and then decided to look at, this way is destined we need water the way to do, but it is still to see the quality of the film itself, if the quality is not high, and then the same Huanzhugege, out of a few days, although the game, however, will eventually be reduced to watercress in slobber thing, why? The meaning of promotion, or some, at least in the early stage, will guide we first went to watch the film impulse.

two) micro-blog in the end how to see the meaning of sina

want to see every Thai embarrassed friends, watched Thai friends will feel embarrassed that a movie is really make people laugh through, in micro-blog, as more and more people’s attention, and the protagonist’s video interview, different soil amorous feelings of Thailand will gradually emerge in front of us. In micro-blog, what we can see, following a recent search


long time no see micro-blog so lively, a little film has brought so much joy, have to say is itself a kind of ability, in micro-blog, crazy spread to everyone, almost always recommend everyone to see the information everywhere, as shown in figure

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