Do the sea Amoy platform eat buyers can be the enemy of Jingdong

is a Jingdong of the electricity supplier to head challenge.

in today’s cross-border imports of electricity providers, almost a consensus – Import platform, is the big brother of the war, no chance to start empty-handed. Because of this industry to the threshold is very high: Tmall, Jingdong, Amazon and other large platform after SF, look at fiercely as a tiger does, the NetEase the participants in the middle and the nouveau riche, ocean terminal, honey bud baby took a forerunner. However, there will always be people who don’t believe in evil, jinhaimi global purchase founder Xu Jun is one of the second half of 2014, he was shot, but the choice is the most traditional way to build a sea Amoy buyers ecosystem, sea Amoy edition beauty.


sound is not the original, neither the supply chain advantage, can not spend money like water on what the global purchase, jinhaimi dare gangster mouth snatch? Xu Jun said he has three points: one is the only special mobile Internet, with social way to fix the needs of individual users. Two is the main selling non-standard products, not to fight with the big price war. The three is to do big stores shop, sell also sell cultural feelings.

Xu Jun’s three brush in the end so that it does not work, he said the sea honey global purchase in March was only 10 million, in April sales of up to about 30000000, the recent monthly sales can maintain such growth. Moreover, the customer price of up to 1000 or more. "When we have 100 thousand buyers, the average one day sell 10 single buyer, customer price 1000 yuan, the day turnover is 1 billion, a year is 365 billion, which is enough to deserve me to toss."


Xu Jun’s entrepreneurial dream, buyers shop is astepping-stone to success. In order to make the brick more sharp, he took advantage of all the advantages, and early claims that the sea honey income and service charges.


sea honey global purchase (hereinafter referred to as sea honey) CEO Xu Jun

billion state power network


sea honey global founder Xu Jun

100 thousand buyers can do much business

: how about the growth of the state power grid jinhaimi sales


Xu Jun: April about 30000000, March 10 million, the performance of each month tripled.

billion state power network: the average customer price of


Xu Jun: more than 1000.

billion state power network: you also said that the Buyers by slow growth, the scale of the late

can do?

Xu Jun: in the past, we have been advertising alliance, gathered tens of thousands of small and medium sites, sales reached about 4000000000 yuan last year, you can prove that this piece of small poly feasible way. Now we have 5000 buyers, when we have 100 thousand buyers, the average one day sell 10 single buyer, customer price 1000 yuan, the day turnover is 1>