Baidu knows how to extend the method with a solution to the problem

has been a Baidu to know is one of the best word-of-mouth marketing tools, see Baidu know promotion value of many people, in the operation of Baidu know a lot of people, but the real success is scanty, those successful people are Baidu know how to operate it?

Baidu know the benefits of promotion

Baidu know promotion relative to other platforms to promote better, first included and ranking above, Baidu know there are certain advantages, because it is Baidu’s own products, ranking by Aladdin processing channel, so as long as the problem out, is ranked second seconds. The second one is to see a lot of customers in the right products, through the Baidu know a business reputation query problem, such as certain products, how certain product price is how much, how to query and etc.. And the only thing that customers trust is Baidu know, because most of the other platforms is an article, and Baidu know that more people are involved, so the trust is better. The last advantage is to protect their own brands, due to the vicious competition of a competitor, resulting in your brand affected, so there must be in the promotion of the brand to do self brand protection.

Baidu know promotion method

most of the time to do Baidu know, due to the issue of too many issues will lead to the release of the contents of the account is deleted, the basic complaint in Baidu no door, whether it is Baidu know, library or experience. So how to avoid these problems let Baidu know the questions and answers directly show it.

a, buy Baidu account

Taobao to buy Baidu account, the price is very cheap, under normal circumstances, the price of Baidu account will not be more than 1 yuan a, as to how Taobao shopping, I do not teach you here.

two, proxy IP login


proxy IP login Baidu account, by replacing the IP to simulate more people in the operation at the same time, of course, account should be replaced, the use of Baidu search "agent IP" into any website, their IP every day will be replaced, even change per hour, as below:


open 360 browser, click on the upper right corner [tool] – [proxy server] – [proxy server settings], you will find the proxy IP address copy to the browser, as shown below:


set up after the opening of the Baidu know, the proxy IP open, the following figure to open proxy IP method.


three, Baidu know questions and answers

in the open proxy IP, please clear your browser cache, account login login, in the time of the question, it is best not to appear advertising content, advertising