Baidu quietly launched shopping applications Baidu micro purchase


[TechWeb] January 25th news, Baidu has recently launched a shopping Web application Baidu micro purchase, you can quickly order, without registration, the current goods mainly from shop 1.

"Baidu micro purchase is web application of Baidu search results page, the application writes:" Baidu micro purchase offer quick purchase channels for the majority of users, without registration, fast orders, cash on delivery, eliminating the cumbersome registration and payment process. Micro purchase all goods are provided by the well-known large online mall, genuine guarantee."

when the user searches for certain items, it will trigger Baidu micro purchase. After the trial, the current Baidu micro purchase in the category of goods is very limited, only wine, cosmetics and confectionery categories, mainly from the shop No. 1.

users can directly apply within the single, fill in the phone number, verification code, address and other information, cash on delivery.

enabled Baidu Baidu micro purchase application domain two as the login page, the user can query the order on this page, the application returns etc.. (Zeng ROU)