Beijing buy consumer complaints explosion rose nearly 28 times

China News Agency, Beijing, December – (reporter Du Yan) in recent years, the rapid growth of network consumption at the same time, the amount of complaints also rose sharply 15

. 2011 year, Beijing industrial and commercial departments to accept online shopping consumer complaints accounted for nearly 3 of the total amount of complaints, which, buy into the hardest hit, consumer complaints grew by nearly 28 times.

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, 15, the Joint Commission on the Christmas, new year, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, the four quarter of online shopping consumer tips. Beijing city industry and Commerce Bureau official said, 12315 center statistics show that in 2011, a total of online shopping consumer complaints received by the, accounting for nearly 3 of the total complaints, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 2.16 times. Among them, the top five for daily necessities, household appliances, clothing shoes and hats and recharge service, computer and accessories.

consumer complaints from the point of view, online shopping operators to refuse or delay the performance of commitments and other consumer contract issues, delays in delivery and other service issues, such as the existence of defects in the quality of goods is the most prominent.

in addition, the year 2011 is the rapid development of network group purchase service year, online shopping enterprises sued in the top ten, group purchase enterprises occupy six seats. 2011 year, 12315 complaints of network group purchase system handled 1853 consumer complaints, online shopping complaints accounted for 2 more than the same period last year, an increase of nearly 28 times, the volume of complaints from last year’s average monthly accepted 6 year development, daily average volume of complaints 6, showing explosive growth trend.

complaints focused on the problem of group purchase service provider to refuse or delay to fulfill their commitments, group purchase time or unilaterally change matters, refused to provide group purchase of goods or services, goods are defective, delay in delivery, to provide goods and services quality shrink.

on the 15 day, the red child, VANCL (micro-blog), Jingdong (micro-blog), Wo Wo Group mall Beijing more than and 20 famous network marketing enterprises make a commitment: working hours, 2 hours to respond to consumer complaints; active consumption voucher issued to consumers; not false propaganda, not false to designate a person responsible for promotion; to coordinate and solve the switch to the 12315 or third party service customer complaints and related affairs.

Beijing Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau and the Commerce Commission, said consumers online shopping, it is best to choose a larger scale, professional, good reputation of the site, and keep the relevant records. Especially when the group purchase, should carefully read the description of goods or services, consumption rules, time limit and group purchase, reservation confirmation message, the confirmation page, and retain the group purchase page, so when evidence-based disputes.