BELLE invested heavily to buy the best network or the largest investment in the industry

yesterday’s news, and purchase online shoe officially confirmed, has received hundreds of millions of dollars level of investment, and the investment is mainly from the traditional footwear giant BELLE international. After two years of e-commerce to test the water, BELLE on its own website Amoy show network on the basis of the way to invest in the operation of B2C website sales of its own brand. The Chinese commercial news reporters yesterday and was informed that, before the purchase of excellent network formally launched, BELLE cooperation with a number of footwear B2C website has stopped.

received hundreds of millions of dollars in investment

earlier this month, the footwear business website excellent shopping network officially launched operation. On the line before the news that the site behind BELLE and Baidu investment. Yesterday, and purchase online shoe has been officially confirmed, hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, the investment is mainly from the traditional footwear giant Belle International Holdings Ltd.

sources said that the total investment of nearly 3 billion yuan, in addition to BELLE, Baidu will also be involved, but did not have a good network to buy Baidu to give a clear response to investment. If the total amount of investment will be confirmed, it may be so far the domestic footwear e-commerce industry to obtain the largest investment.

published in the BELLE investment at the same time, excellent shopping network management team is also the first exposure, team CEO by former BELLE vice president Zhang Xuejun as international, vice president Zhang Xiaojun will serve as the primary VANCL and purchase online shoe COO, former vice president Xu Lei as a Jingdong store and purchase online shoe CMO.


did not disclose the specific amount, but according to sources close to BELLE international sources, the investment in e-commerce has been brewing for a long time in the international internal BELLE. Obviously, BELLE to invest directly in the way to operate the B2C online shoes.

two-way way to sell shoes online

BELLE has huge resources as everyone knows, footwear, only its own brand including BELLE, Teenmix, more than and 10, Besto her hands still, while its agent, Lining Kappa, Adidas, CONVERSE and other more than and 20 brands, can be said to provide a huge resource advantage in the development of electronic business for BELLE service.

in fact, BELLE has long been aware of this point, as early as two years ago, BELLE has built its own online shopping platform Amoy network. But the performance is not good Amoy show, according to BELLE International released earnings report, in 2010 operating income of HK $23 billion 706 million, net sales revenue of only 100 million yuan, accounting for the total revenue of $0.4%.

"and purchase online shoe based on the distribution of BELLE’s series of brand goods, also reached a strategic cooperation with other brand products, and constantly enrich and purchase online shoe product category." And purchase online shoe CEO Zhang Xuejun has expressed above. Visible, in addition to operating the BELLE brand and BELLE agent brand, excellent purchase in the future to try to cooperate with other brands.

iResearch analyst Su Huiyan said that as a traditional footwear companies, BELLE international has a strong industrial chain control >