Focus on personal connections to buy 5sns com to build a network of contacts

contacts that interpersonal relationship, interpersonal network, reflect people’s popularity, social relations. According to the dictionary, the interpretation of the network as "interpersonal relations and interpersonal context", often used in the field of politics or business, but in fact, no matter what the industry, everyone will use the network. In the webmaster network is playing a pivotal role in the Guo Jijun led by well-known domestic webmasters often haunt the major gathering is to gather the webmaster circle of contacts. Alibaba is in the days before the grand line of business circles "connections", hoping to "network through open network connections between online services, including production, name card holder, name card to the latest news, customer dynamic function.

everyone needs their own contacts circle, according to the understanding of the emergence of new domestic network styles, but I personally think that SNS model can gather popularity, because from the beginning of SNS was located in the interactive platform aggregation relationships, so the importance of using SNS system to build dikes platform can best embody the contacts. The UCHOME system developed by Comsenz is a good solution to the master demand for SNS platform system, build a station without understanding the complex process of knowledge can easily complete the SNS network interactive platform.

according to the latest understanding of the situation, the emergence of new domestic at present in the domestic each big search engine keywords "connections" in the forefront of the UCHOME program to build platform network ( to recover the as its main domain in late stage development, when the specific price being inconvenient to inform each other anyway, revealed higher than expected value, but the other party that the implied meaning of the domain name as a whole needs my circle of contacts is very fit on its website, is also a powerful supplement to the existing domain name. It is understood that the site has been launched since May this year, has attracted nearly ten thousand members to join, showing a good momentum of development. The latter will have a better development, in the day before from China at the purchase price later renamed to the main domain name, the website will also make further investment needed to attract more contacts friends, hoping to get the majority of users of all ages.

I can see now there are more and more sites began to focus on network connections, by creating a good network platform to provide better network services for its members to create a network communication platform better attract more loyal members’ participation.