Car home CEO Qin Zhi privatization is to seek more opportunities and possibilities


technology news Beijing time on April 28th morning news, CEO Qin cause car home recently released internal e-mail, said the privatization for the future development of the company to seek more opportunities and possibilities.

car home on the 16 day of this month, announced a plan to prepare for the price of $31.50 per ADS privatization. Buyers include: CEO Qin cause car home, Bo Yu capital, Hillhouse capital and Sequoia China.

buyers group this price, compared with the average price of the past 30 days, about a premium of 12.1%, compared with the average price of the past 60 days to a premium of 20.7%.

the internal mail to the Company Qin said, the shareholders of Telstra has announcement will sell most of its shares, no longer do car home controlling shareholder. Car home is undergoing a change in the capital since the establishment of the sudden.

At the same time, the board of directors of the car home was established yesterday by three independent directors of the special committee to assess the offer of


previously, will sell 47.7% stake to Ping An insurance Chinese in Australia telecommunications, Chinese Ping An Insurance Group has not been privatised car position. It can be said that the attitude of China safe car furniture was smooth or not is the key. (Ke Feng)

the following is the home of the car CEO Qin internal mail full text:

car home dear partners:

two years of the Beijing auto show is in full swing, I believe a lot of small partners also struggle at the front line of the show, to all the partners who are working hard a hard way.

in the past ten days, in the capital market has always been low-key we suddenly became the focus of the industry, a time of various reports on the major shareholders to sell, privatization, return to A shares Pumianerlai, I want to take the mail with your synchronization information.

current shareholders of the company, Telstra has announced that it will sell most of its shares, no longer continue to be the controlling shareholder of the car home. We would like to thank Australia for its contribution to the development of the automobile industry and respect for the exit decision of the Australian investor.

at the same time, for the future development of the company to seek more opportunities and possibilities, but also to ensure that all shareholders of the company and all the staff of the equity investment institutions, the management of the company and three industry-leading jointly submitted the privatization offer to the board.

The board of directors of

was established yesterday by a special committee of three independent directors to assess the offer. Things seem to happen suddenly, but in fact everything is reasonable.

car home has maintained a rapid and healthy growth in the past ten years, landing the NYSE in 2013 is to help us from a local car media, growth of the automotive Chinese leading Internet platform.

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