How will future classification information develop

      classified information as a field, as one of the areas with the lowest market concentration. As a newly developed field. Who wants to be here to share their own beauty. But a lot of sites have now abandoned. In the United States occupied the entire classification of information market site (Craigslist), it is not in the future?

      I have made some introductions about the development and trend of classified information. We are interested can go to see.

      the development of a web site is the most important is a good business model, as a good business model we have to slowly look for. As cool as the net (Ku6), Lee, some of the ideas and some business models to find very good.

      1, the first is to make money for everyone, China’s market is so big, you want your own website to occupy the whole market that is impossible. To join the following who do not talk about the cost of joining tens of thousands. Take a look at your site is not worth the price. For those who join the development and promotion of your website will play a significant role.

      2, since the classification should have characteristics. Classification of information is the first city some information. Propaganda should be targeted. Identify target customers. (first talk about how to find the user, so that the user stickiness). In fact, there are colleges and universities in every city. This is also a big demand for classified information. For example, housing, city tour, books processing (we graduation is a book sold by weight. Now I regret, a few years of the book sold a total of more than and 20 dollars.

      3, (for customers), in fact, the vertical search of this classification information. Very popular with some small businesses, and some entertainment, leisure, catering businesses welcome. Why many businesses do not buy it? I went to some businesses to do some simple investigation, a lot of businesses do not know such a site. As some traditional industries, these are understandable. Why so many people gather information. First of all, your own web site must have good, more timely information. For example, word of mouth, so that people go to the restaurant reviews, so good, so that a person who wants to go to know more information.

      the above topic is too large, but also some of the one-sided view of the individual, the expression is not very clear. Hope you understand. Because of something today, to be continued. I will put some of their own ideas and a variety of Web site after the success of the model and discuss together. Thank you for your attention!