How the nternet subversion of these 17 industries we know

Internet is not the most valuable place to produce a lot of new things, but the potential of the industry has been digging again, using the Internet to enhance the thinking of traditional industries. From this point of view to observe the impact of traditional industries, the Internet has three characteristics:

1, breaking the asymmetric information bureau, do everything possible to transparent all information.

2, the integration of the use of large data, making the maximum utilization of resources.

3, the swarm of bees will have self regulatory mechanism.

called the human population thinking bees will, you can imagine a group of human beings brains memory: the search path for each node initially nervous when memory is not yet established, when we need to use it again slowly formed a strong connection. Before the birth of the Internet connection memory node path is weak, strong connections are rare, but after the advent of the Internet these moments are lit path, all memory nodes can be connected in an instant. In this way, we can make the future decision of human beings have an unprecedented system to support the past, based on such a memory model, human beings will rewrite the various industries, as well as the future of mankind.

is the following industry inventory:

1, retail


traditional retail industry for consumers is the biggest drawback lies in the asymmetry of information. In the priceless book, the psychological experiment shows that the layman’s products for a particular industry pricing is not at the end of the heart, just throw the anchor price, consumers will be led by the nose obediently.

and C2C, B2C has completely broken the pattern, the world becomes flat, the real price of a commodity becomes transparent. Greatly reduce the cost of information acquisition. Let everyone know the real price range of this commodity, the regional price monopoly is no longer possible, consumers are no longer in the dark. Not only that, e-commerce has also created a large number of user comments UGC. These UGC in the true sense of the Internet makes the trust mechanism. This virtuous cycle is the traditional retail industry can not have the advantage.

predicts the future of Retailing:

1, will become a combination of offline and online, price synchronization.

2, the homogenization of functional products will be more and more competitive, and those who have a first-class user experience will lead out of the product.

3, with the Internet big data, will be personalized integration push (such as Amazon home page recommendation algorithm).

2, wholesale


traditional wholesale business geographical restrictions greatly, one would like to open a small gift shop in Beijing, the owner needs all the way.