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Abstract: it is not difficult to see that in the face of the opportunities and challenges of the development of the times, once the portal bigwigs are actively looking for the direction of their transformation. In recent years, Tencent to cut the entrance to the community, the formation of covering games, video, entertainment, finance and other industrial chain. NetEase also began a comprehensive layout, force the game.


for the domestic Internet companies, ten years can change a lot, can change people’s surfing habits, can change people’s needs of the Internet, ten years can even let mainstream users have changed a generation, ten years is a period. From 2005 to 2015, some old Internet companies fall into the curse of ten years, declining, declining. But there is also some old but not aging of the enterprise, or accumulate steadily after or steady, more powerful with a thousand li a day.

NetEase: online games underpinning diversified layout

if the four portals set up the time count, the NetEase is fully deserve the patriarch. NetEase established in 1997, now has gone through 19 years of development. August 18th, NetEase released the second quarter of 2016 earnings, earnings, as of June 30, 2016, the company’s quarterly net income reached $8 billion 953 million, net income and net profit reached a record high.

through the analysis of NetEase earnings, we can easily find that the reason why the current achievements of NetEase, with its online game to do the base, the layout of the diversified development is inseparable. NetEase on the game to take self research and agency game two-way push mode. The second quarter of 2016, since the research Mobile Games "dream swims on the west", "Westward Journey" of the situation when the season continues stride forward singing militant songs, launched the "ghost story" Mobile Games version once the line has ranked among the top ten best-selling apple AppStore. In addition, the NetEase agent "," good "Mobile Games all this land from the millions of King Arthur", also on revenues of NetEase made a solid contribution. NetEase reported online game service business quarter net income reached 6 billion 438 million yuan, accounting for the total net income of $70%.

In addition,

NetEase koala sea based NetEase mailbox, electricity providers and other businesses have also achieved good results, accounting for revenue of up to 22% of net income. As a portal, advertising service revenue is another big profit module NetEase can not give up, in the second quarter to 513 million yuan ending, accounted for 5% of the total income of NetEase.

The future of

, the NetEase will continue to fine Mobile Games and phenomenal acting game as the pillar, with the NetEase koala purchase business continues to mature, and constantly optimize the NetEase news client, cloud music and other mobile terminal products commercialization process, the NetEase in order to realize the online game as the backing, the profit pattern of diversified layout.

Tencent: game advertising revenue favored

and NetEase, the game is Tencent revenue killer, and holds the weight >