Shop No 1 single brush exposure group purchase electricity supplier data is water again by the foot

business in recent years the pace of development in the domestic fast, even in Europe and other developed countries are feeling Chinese electricity market slide, huge sales, such as Taobao in 2012 day was to achieve a record day sales of 19 billion 100 million yuan, the record even in external short time is difficult to surpass, and in the day the same day, the Jingdong and the 1 store sales data and other electronic business platform is also very impressive, from this data we feel that the current electricity supplier in the form of a good, but from a practical point of view, into 2013, the electricity supplier day seems to be not so moist, transformation, Gome Kuba downsizing group purchase website in fall, the electricity supplier industry seems shrouded in a cold, which is obviously different and the current statistics data.

1 shop brush single exposure, not enough sales have to rack

Shop No. 1, said many third party vendors, a group purchase in the 1 store mall channel, if the single day sales of not more than 4000 yuan, then the goods will be off the shelf, but for some hot commodity and relatively high price, the daily sales of the line is not very high, generally can reach, but for those less price goods, and the heat is not too high, so how about 4000 yuan is itself an insurmountable gap, to the unspoken rule, that is a single brush.

but the Ming rule No. 1 store in the mall has indicated that not a single brush, if found to be stop operations concentrated rectification, some third party merchants violated this prescribed rules, the store was closed to rectify, but in fact the clear rules and a back door, that is as long as it is sold out of the goods no refund, even if it is a real deal, so that some businesses can launch a friend or staff to carry out a single brush, through another account to return, so as to ensure that the daily reach 4000 yuan.

electricity supplier data on water so simple

Through the analysis of

Shop No. 1 single brush this phenomenon, the sales data can be calculated, but does not actually produce sales or value-added behavior, in fact, shop No. 1 single brush phenomenon does not exist, a lot of Taobao Tmall mall and Jingdong and other electronic business platform there exist such problems, I believe to enhance the credibility of the shop operators each shop manager who will encounter a variety of services, these services are designed to create a sales data looks very real, these sales data are usually recorded in the electricity supplier sales performance, sales data and so enhance the credibility of the year basically accounted for 4 of total sales. Thus, the electricity supplier data seems to grow rapidly, but does not really reflect the current situation of China’s electricity supplier development.

Jingdong Liu Qiangdong is undoubtedly such insight into the nature of the industry foresight, Liu Qiangdong early on business data under the assertion, that is a lot of water, so Liu Qiangdong dares to challenge Taobao, is seen on Taobao >