Look forward to e commerce in the future the road is clear and sunny

2011, the domestic e-commerce grad raging like a storm. Through the analysis of survey data, Analysys International, iResearch, planning and other well-known institutions collusion one draws the following conclusion: the 2011 comprehensive platform of electricity and pure business collective weakness, but the brand business is still strong, very rapid development momentum, the entire e-commerce market can be described as "East West sunrise rain". Below, we will take a look at this year’s major electricity supplier companies market performance.

platform electricity supplier performance is not optimistic about

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Mcglaughlin in the third quarter of 2010 Nasdaq, was known as China’s B2C listed shares". The recently released the 2011 third quarter financial results, the company’s third quarter net revenues of $53 million 100 thousand, down 4%; gross profit of $14 million, down 36.3%; a net loss of $14 million 400 thousand in the same period last year, net profit of $800 thousand. Over the past year, Mcglaughlin’s shares have fallen by nearly 90%.

dangdang.com listed on the New York stock exchange at the end of 2010, the first day of listing shares rose 87%, highly sought after by overseas investors. Its third quarter 2011 earnings report, the company’s total revenue for the third quarter was $908 million 900 thousand, an increase of 50%, but a net loss of $73 million 400 thousand, net profit of $32 million 700 thousand last year.

in fact, faced with the plight of the business tycoon Mcglaughlin, more than dangdang.com, and where the customer is difficult to avoid. It is reported that, because the investor of listed company valuation where there are serious differences, so we have not yet finalized listed time. Insiders concluded that at present in the high-level changes, overshadowed the listing plan, the listed time seemed to go on forever.

at present, e-commerce is highly touted by the capital market, but the first round of listing financing are platform based electricity supplier. From the capital side for platform based electricity supplier scale requirements, these enterprises in order to expand the scale increasing rapidly pushing the Internet advertising, advertising costs, resulting in the enterprise overall marketing costs; on the other hand, in order to retain users to take excessive price promotion means that the gross margin decline. The depth of capital intervention, market competition, this is an important reason for the current collective winter platform of e-commerce enterprises.

network group purchase one after another layoffs collapse, pure electric route to


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has the largest shopping search engine Amoy network (www.etao.com) released the November group purchase consumption report, data show that as of this year at the end of November, the domestic group purchase website has 35% sites in 30 days without updating the product, in August this year at the peak of 5700 group purchase website, group purchase website, November to stop updating the website the revision or closed number >