Li Kaifu 99% will eventually dominate the market network group purchase only four or five


large-scale operation or become the real way to buy the domestic site, the domestic more than 5 thousand buy site will die, only the size of the group has reached the size of the group will eventually become the market leader in." Li Kaifu, chairman and chief executive officer.


"full house"

network group purchase Gaopeng Shanghai company recently suddenly and sharply declining employment, many industry insiders as the current site of the survival status of the group purchase index sign. Well known Internet expert Liu Xingliang August 19th in an exclusive interview with Xinmin reporter admitted that the network group buying industry is currently in the early stage of the mature, the survival of the fittest is in progress.

insiders Gaopeng said, from the beginning of April this year, Gaopeng gradually began to implement layoffs, until June, the Department in charge of every month can receive the company "formulated within their respective jurisdiction employees list task.

three months ago when it was still in the competition for talent group purchase website fight, and site staff of group purchase miracle jumped the most capital "work" list.

The reality is that

, began to clamor from the beginning of the "group purchase site reshuffle" situation will start by downsizing. From May, the majority of the site are in the implementation of layoffs, the next step they will face the business model and the overall pattern of change.

in the face of the layoffs, Gaopeng COO Ouyang Yun rejected the "Chinese business newspaper" reporter’s interview. Show to reporters at Gaopeng wrote a layoff statement: "Gaopeng not in the scale of layoffs, but in the normal personnel adjustment. Any enterprise, personnel adjustments and changes are often carried out. While the rapid development of high, new recruits a lot of new people in probationary period the employee, there are new employees because they do not adapt to the company’s business or culture, or have better personal development direction and resign.

according to an internal staff Gaopeng said, the Gao Penggui cutting staff, mostly from the second tier departments and local site. Levels from managers to employees are covered. The process is, in advance by the Ministry of personnel and staff to talk, and suggested that their resignation.

"and a few months ago in recruiting is different group purchase website, group purchase website now recruitment plan very targeted, can only negotiations on with the business elite and senior sales executives interested." China network legal network, the chief legal adviser to the center for intellectual property researcher Zhao Zhanling told reporters in.

financial deficit is also a major cause of the layoffs. It is reported that Gaopeng has basically stopped put on Baidu, Google. A group purchase industry sources, both in a single search engine website on a year of advertising, the cost at least 15 million yuan.

miserable fate those firms listed