Mother to child and pet shopping sharing community or will become the next mogujie com

Analysys International: launched in February 2011, with its share of community shopping mode, a short period of time has accumulated a large number of users, and can take more than 100 million monthly transactions for Taobao, and receive a certain percentage of the commission. as a women’s clothing based vertical shopping community, e-commerce and social functions will be a good combination of this model will be successful in other vertical segments.


EnfoDesk Analysys think tank analysts believe that with the rapid development of maternal and pet electricity market, as the population flow shopping sharing community will play an increasingly important role.


mother and child and pet category of these two vertical areas of consumer demographic characteristics and the crowd of has a lot in common.

first, the mode of shopping sharing in the same female consumers mainly for mother and baby and two vertical areas also have a natural advantage. The two vertical field of consumer groups dominated by women, women in the social shopping site activity than men, while in the shopping process, female consumers for sharing, discussion, social demand is also more intense. The mode of shopping to share the community, social and e-commerce will be a good combination, and through the waterfall flow show, more like the female consumers.

second, these two categories of people have common interests and concerns, and opinion leaders and experts will be more willing to consult. Shopping community by inviting experts and training the leaders of the mechanism to answer questions related to mother or baby or pet, in this way the recommendation of a higher rate of conversion of goods shopping. The mother as an example, from the pregnant mother to the birth of a child, in the choice of goods to children will encounter a series of problems, but also hope that the mother reference experts or other mother’s advice, and accept the expert opinion leaders or recommended products. At the same time, the site through the topic of discussion, sun photos and other activities, to provide a platform for the sharing of the exchange of mother or pet enthusiasts, you can also maintain a good user stickiness.

third, mother and baby and these categories of e-commerce market is relatively mature, only tens of thousands of sellers on Taobao. For businesses, in the case of rising traffic costs, businesses are also more willing to commission through this mode, and vertical shopping navigation website cooperation.

but in the actual operation, mother and baby shopping sharing community is different from’s mode of operation. First of all, for the mother category, mother in demand switching of children of different ages very rapidly, so from the classification of web design products, in accordance with the division of the child’s age division is better than category. Secondly, for the dog and cat based pet market, the category of goods is much less than the clothing category. Therefore, consumers once selected a shop after shop cat, the replacement frequency is relatively low, shopping guide website >