Love to build a network platform to commemorate the birth secret


days ago, students from the Hunan University to the independent research and development of network on March 18th officially launched. The Worship Network in Hunan province is the first large-scale professional network Memorial platform, to promote our province funeral reform, promote green worship, is of great significance to establish civilization. The worship network also gave birth to our province of spiritual civilization construction in the history of a thick and heavy in colours.

According to the

or Lake College Station Yang said, to net the reason given for his research, began in the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake last year. At that time, with all the Chinese people, the earthquake brought him a shock and moved. That day, he saw such a scene on TV: a man who lost his wife in the earthquake with a rope tied to his wife’s body in the back, send her to the morgue. He tried to give his wife a little dignity after death. In the disorder after the earthquake, the man insisted that his wife should not be abandoned in the rubble of those sharp. At that moment, the webmaster mind flashed a thought, to play their own technological advantages, the establishment of a network of "paradise" for every one of the victims of the earthquake in Wenchuan, let them have a rest in the tomb, but also allow people to post a mourning Memorial platform. This is the original motivation for Worship Network founder.

The purchase of the

domain name and the name of the site is the first thing that must be done first. Check online, it happened to have a domain name that is an international wait for the right price to sell, the domain name (, Yang master now have no doubt that this is his best choice. Can take a look at the next offer a surprise: 100 thousand yuan. To tell the truth, from the domain name advantage, also don’t think too much: the name is "worship" is a word spelling (Jibai), is the natural worship site choice, on the keyboard, it is the most flexible of the two finger were hit "worship" of the word the first letter, remember good input, is a top level domain in china. Just make no economic basis, was a student he was guilty. He is not willing to hold the mentality to try to make a full exchange with the seller. When the other person that he wants to build "online paradise" for the Wenchuan earthquake victims compatriots ideas, generously all of a sudden the price dropped to 20 thousand yuan, the sponsor in a private entrepreneur bought the worship network domain name.


about the meaning of worship, the webmaster Yang told the media stressed: worship, not what the feudal superstition like, with a new sense of the times, but originated from the ancient worship Memorial in the form of culture. Worship is a kind of expression with Zusi pro, mourning, and future generations are an important form of family tradition education.

when he proposed to the students, he was immediately recognized and supported. They use their spare time, which lasted nearly a year, and finally in the Qingming eve of successful on-line worship network.

to the network, beyond time and space thinking. Is the best interpretation of the worship network. < >