Fast profit is a blessing or a curse Personal webmaster or trap three traps

in the era of the internet global coverage, the main way to do many companies and individuals to promote business. In recent years, the increase in the number of sites to make all kinds of frequent coalition.

these years, large and small, such as advertising alliance webmaster alliance emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, has opened a door for personal webmaster to make money, how to face the dazzling individual stationmaster alliance? Is a university asked here, Xiao Bian also remind you webmaster need to beware of the three traps.



: the market often not reliable

network run away phenomenon

was blinded by the illusion of All is lost.

today, no matter in what alliance, organization, activities, all companies are "Wangpo saying", so tell the truth is the first step of the company.

360 companies belonging to the study of the League of 360, you can know that in 2005 the establishment of the safety of the 360 is to start, when it is also realized through commercial advertising. So far, 360 covers almost all of the country’s most PC side, the mobile terminal security software, so the total number of monthly active users reached 503 million people, the user penetration rate of up to 94.7%. Large enough for users, the domestic top ten no problem.

is now on the market often appear in advertising company run away phenomenon, while similar to the Baidu alliance, Google Adsense and other large companies is exacerbated by the so-called "Matthew effect", that is the strong stronger and the weak weaker. Keep the webmaster to the strength of our arms, so some famous little or no background of the company is relatively safe, very likely "go let go" situation.

so in the choice of advertising is very learned, major league interests have been diluted, Little League and risk, so the choice of 360 big companies with good search alliance as the background, and in the period of rapid development of the advertising alliance has become the best choice. A brand endorsement, the realization of guarantee, in the Baidu alliance struggling webmaster can change the style, there may be a different harvest.

no reasonable credit system account unknown

at present, many Internet is not perfect credit system in the webmaster account, against the split, split the cause is unknown, complex chaos, some even no income accounted for the main station.

selected alliance has a reasonable credit system directly linked with the interests of individual owners. First of all, the credit system is divided into a multi-level, different credit levels, to enjoy the service and the proportion of the addition of different points. The credit system is proportional to the proportion of accounts is independent of the proportion of business determined, the relationship between the two is additive.

secondly, low credit customers, enjoy a low proportion of the sub account, and even may affect the original proportion of accounts. The cooperation between the alliance and the host is fair and just