VC refused to finance literature website

May 24th, the mom in the world — financing national tour owners meeting, spread the latest insider, VC has made it clear that it would not carry the risk of investment in the development of literary website, let originally survive in the clip gap in the literature website is can’t do anything. This is the editor of the Admin5 in the national tour of the General Assembly on the invitation of the mother of Ali’s VC scene questioning dialogue.

Admin5 editor: "after Shanda in recent years the continuous acquisition of starting point and Jinjiang literature network and occupy half of the country literature market, literary website is no longer affected by VC are welcome."

VC: "yes".

Very cold

the presence of VC for financing the literary website performance, seemed reluctant to talk about, just return to two words, will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. From this it is not difficult to see that although the most popular literary website, but much less VC. And was fortunate to be the starting point of the grand acquisition, will also be pulled into the quagmire of capital increase. Fortunately, however, two years after the acquisition began to claim to make money. The same was acquired in Jinjiang, the current situation is still uncertain.

starting point as the country’s largest original literary website, Jinjiang as a female literary website, the merger of these two sites, the majority of the literary market directly carved up the interests of. Forcing the survival of small and medium literary websites increasingly difficult. In particular, after the completion of the acquisition of the full commercialization of the operation, so that a large number of authors have joined the ranks of the starting point of the signing of the writers.

Internet writer red blood after being poached 17k (representative of "Tao", "ghost" Thang Long) known as the annual salary of one million, Tang Jiasan (representative writers "," kitchen magic spell "good death") monthly income exceeded 50 thousand, the writers of the World tyrants sing "ghost chuideng" global sales of more than a physical book 500 thousand copies of these examples prove that the money is strong, not afraid to no one. In addition to the Jinjiang Literature Network launched a special for female readers of literary romance novels and so on, a clean sweep the world trend of readers. The writer also indicates that the network pack and the time has finally come.

to see such a situation, who can not heart? Who do not want to go to a share? But the fact is cruel. Especially VC have made it clear that it would not carry the risk of investment in the literature website, small literature websites, personal literature websites, especially those of us grassroots webmaster’s future is worrying, "one disaster after another" this word is not excessive.


, the reality is very cruel to the literature website, but we can still see as nine world literature network  Nina, and the female master; Fantasy Literature Network ( and dark horse gallop in the literary world in killing seven into seven, reeky. Of course, at this time there are more literary webmasters who do not want to give up, still trying to do their own literary network.

admire their courage and perseverance