Group purchase industry now lodging precursors from barbaric growth to savage

editor’s note: in a wink, 2011 last month. In the upcoming 2011 farewell occasion, carefully comb history of domestic new economy industry this year, to see if it can bring what experiences and lessons for the development of the 2012 seven emerging industries, is the most important. From this week, the new economic weekly will use 5 full pages, multi angle, wide field of view analysis of the characteristics of the new economic industry development in 2011, to readers.

reporter He Jun

from March 2010, China’s first group buying site was born so far, less than 2 years, the number of sites to buy the same as the cell split as the storm increased to more than 5 thousand. So, this piece of virgin land between the group purchase market night was filled with dense seedlings. Every seedling all do everything possible to get access to the sun and rain, growth, in order to usher in the autumn harvest. It is best to be able to turn from herbaceous to woody, evergreen.

however, sunshine is limited, at the foot of the land is limited. For the more than 5 thousand group purchase website, this is a barbaric growth era, this is a make or break time. Only the land accounted for more, can enjoy more sunshine and rain. To this end, large and small buy site are crazy enclosure, from the first tier cities to second tier cities, from second tier cities to the three or four tier cities……. The natural circle also have stationed at the same time, therefore, the dig, dig dug from the portal, from the electricity supplier, dig a time from the company, the electricity supplier personnel network, set off a wave of returning to the job boom, people from all corners of the country, for a common goal together.

buy site planting density too big

like royal jelly will lead to premature baby, the investment of VC group purchase website, but also makes the field quickly early, and signs of the emergence of a large number of prematurely senile. For example, many previous rapid expansion of the group purchase website in the night wind reversal, a rapid exit, a large-scale withdrawal of the station, large-scale layoffs, large-scale disputes. Can be described as fast, faster. From the group 800 released the "October 2011 China group purchase market statistics report" shows that in October this year, the total number of group purchase website negative growth for the first time, October only added 16 group purchase website, because the page cannot be accessed, the reason for stopping the updated products, such as business transformation is regarded as the group purchase website outage of a total of 1017, the total fell to 4057. Negative growth in the total number of the same time, a large increase in employee complaints, merchants to discuss the money, fake and other negative news, but also to the entire industry to buy shame.

the U.S. listing prospectus opened a group purchase industry fig leaf, the face of 474 million yuan loss generated by the handle network for more than 1 years, people can not help asking a group purchase website ranking of the losses are so great, the other group purchase website can be good to go? Finally, handle network suspicion of money.