Consumers buy a house out of the service fee Sue reconciliation awarded 30 thousand

SouFun compensation

Zhang Xi

purchase period has been communicating with developers to bargain, the deposit is ready to sign a contract, but was told the salesman to spend 15 thousand yuan to buy third SouFun group purchase service, can enjoy the preferential price of 100 thousand yuan. The unexpected costs, let people purchase sun Mao Yizhisuzhuangjiang Soufangwang and developers Shanghai ridge King court both.

a few months later, after the court coordination, the two defendants compensation on the spot by sun Mao 30 thousand yuan. It is understood that, in fact, the payment of compensation is soufangwang.

, a SouFun Shanghai company official said, 30 thousand yuan of compensation is not based on fraud, one to pay back a standard payment, but the amount agreed by several parties.


Sun Mao is going to buy

in August last year, developed by Shanghai ridge landscape real estate development company "Faye Shi Alan China" project of a house, the total price 1 million 300 thousand yuan -140 yuan. After negotiations, Sun Mao received a verbal offer of 100 thousand yuan developers promised to purchase.

however, when the sales offices and sales staff to finalize the payment, sun Mao was informed that the purchase must be provided by SouFun 15 thousand yuan of group purchase service members, to enjoy the previously negotiated purchase discount.

"I’m very puzzled, why before are in contact with the developers, to talk about the price with their sales, but out of Soufangwang link?" Sun Mao said, even so, consider the house itself is also Italy, early to do a lot of effort, he was stationed in the "Ren Faye Shi Alan" to the sales offices scene Soufangwang stagnation paid 15 thousand yuan.

later, Sun Mao that can not eat lose money "," housing does not provide any services, what to collect membership fees? "Sun Mao said, when he told developers to reflect, even suggest that the money would rather pay the developers, but also do not want to pay soufangwang. As a developer, to discount, to give discounts, directly on the deduction of the total price does not have, why do you want to buy someone else’s card?.

let Sun Mao in a favorable position, in the purchase of the whole process, he left an audio record, after all, is a big investment, I would like to be cautious". These records show that, until the delivery of the deposit, developers in the sale of the communication are not mentioned in the purchase of 100 thousand yuan to get the premise of the purchase of SouFun service. Sun believes that this service is forced to buy.

half a year later, in April 16th of this year, the Shanghai Songjiang District people’s court mediation, sun Mao and SouFun, developers reached a settlement, according to the agreement, Sun Mou withdrawal, SouFun was paid 30 thousand yuan in cash as compensation for sun mao.

mysterious compensation

this (compensation) case is very special, multi communication can not be >