Official announcement on the promotion of easy media Li Linglong resignation

recently, the media have inquired about the media publicity Shenzhen branch Li Linglong turnover and company operation, then our thanks to the media attention, some media is not clear the truth, caused by the relevant reports are not true, in order to avoid confusion loss reported facts, issued the following statement, to straight:

Yi Yi media was founded in August 2002, and changed its name to the promotion of advertising network ( and set up headquarters in Zhuhai, founder of Mr. Tan Tingfei. The company is investing in mainland China, not Hongkong.

two. Advertising media in March 2007 by advertising advertising alliance renamed: advertising media; and in June of the same year in Shenzhen China Phoenix Building establishment propaganda easy operation center in Shenzhen, Li Linglong in 2007 April to join the publicity team easily, easy operation in Shenzhen for propaganda and heart Ren Shenzhen branch CEO, focus on the development of online video advertising. The influence of various factors between network and Internet video advertising business immature environment, the company decided to suspend the Shenzhen branch of the business operation, in view of Shenzhen and CEO Li Linglong, the company agreed to resign from the original position.

Li Linglong is

three. Our shareholders and development consultant, advertising is the main business development of healthy and stable, no financial pressure, the staff did not reduce, and intends to plan this month related jobs recruitment staff of 50 people;

four. Propaganda easy media this high-level personnel structure adjustment, is due to changes in the company’s strategic objectives and the reasons for the increase in the project, the company is not a shortage of funds to reduce the operating center of Shenzhen branch. Currently the company mergers and acquisitions fund world ( and financial easy ( two new projects, the company CEO Mr. Tan Tingfei is solely responsible for all business operations.

five. Easy to promote the media as a veteran advertising alliance, with a large number of webmaster resources and advertising resources, enjoy a good reputation in the industry. At present, in the high speed development and the thunder game project, six potatoes, word-of-mouth network, and other famous sites to maintain good relations of cooperation.

six. All personnel changes are based on the official website of our official notice!

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