How to open the SNS user’s white collar process

according to the major categories, SNS is divided into social network service and social networking service two. Network’s focus on the reality of social relations to network performance, so network is usually the real name of the invitation, and closed, typical is Facebook; networking is emphasized to make new friends here, so networking is usually a non real name, and put more emphasis on self display, MySpace is a typical. Of course, these two points are not completely separated, but in the beginning of the entry point and temperament will be different. Now Xiaonei, both in the above network, also some people in the above networking.

another SNS method is divided from the use of purpose, into business and leisure social. Linkedin, the sky, if the neighbors are business oriented, the main purpose is to expand the working relationship, looking for cooperation opportunities and job hunting, natural and recruitment, headhunting services related. Leisure social SNS, more and entertainment, music, consumption and other applications more closely.

is the last one in accordance with the characteristics of the use of the crowd to SNS, 51, the school is certainly different populations of SNS. At present, China’s Internet, in fact, the urban population or white-collar crowd, is the last piece has not been carved up SNS crowd. We enter the SNS market to ask questions. Someone says, "one night stand is the practical application of" people on the SNS site of the great China situation is indeed a large number of users, the SNS is the equivalent of dating sites, most of the users understanding of social networking sites and dating sites are vague. Facebook early poke function, but also very well run the user’s hormonal needs. Early school campus publicity, but also on the campus to see beauty slogan, but I think SNS and early dating sites, there are essentially different. The product structure, from the early simple dating site profile, SNS through blogs, photo albums, circle, etc. based on the application of dynamic comprehensive, allowing users to more authentic self presentation and self recording; from the use of the subject requirements, from the clear purpose of the friends, to a more neutral and common development "social": keep in touch with old friends, new friends, record the mood and so on, so SNS is good night, should be able to meet the demand, but SNS is not only to meet the needs of the night.

seems to really want to find or meet or get a night, not only the mass of people most, this mysterious feeling affects everyone’s behavior. The main work is to do the operators who fully understand the Internet users to the psychological to good effect.

takes magic hour as an example of his current