PP assistant selling 100 million Another grassroots counter attack

recently heard the news, UC and PP assistant has reached a wholly-owned acquisition agreement involving an amount of more than $100 million, the settlement is nearing completion. However, the parties are a little secretive about the transaction, there is no confirmation message.

this rumor is dramatic, keywords eye-catching is just this year to completely get rid of takeover rumors UC, although they did not recognize this list of business; and PP assistant will make people feel a little strange, plus up to 100 million dollars worth, a lot of people on the "illusion" of the company is out of nowhere: who is this man? What can

value so much money?

compared to the previous $1 billion 900 million sold 91 PP assistant assistant, hardly had any exposure in the media. But the mobile phone game circle of people, also should know who iOS the end of the game selection issue transport channels, in addition to the 91 PP’s assistant, and the latter is possible at the end of the year will exceed 91.

information from the public point of view, PP assistant operation company called Guangzhou Ironman Network Technology Co. Ltd., founded in 2009, headquartered in Guangzhou CBD, the core product is the apple iOS device management client, including PP, Android assistant iOS version version, Windows version and Mac version.

The founder of

PP assistant Ironman "grassroots" Iron Man "is born, he spent a lot of years of network ID, outside the low-key, but in the webmaster circle is very famous, and Cai Wensheng, Li Xingping and other" grass root gangster "similar, belong to well versed in user experience down to earth type person pain point, CTO Lin Nan is a middleman, is the only publicly in the media exposed the company executives, the core team of SP era is polished in the mobile phone side, the overall style of pragmatic.

PP assistant is a typical company to make a lot of money, like Cai Wensheng’s 4399, not publicity, do is invisible champion, but only rely on one end of the iOS. A not well-known data, the PP assistant reached 40 million on the iOS end users, App daily downloaded more than 8 million times more than. Transport game monthly average revenue of nearly 40 million, do not consider the growth of the annual revenue is almost 5 hundred million, the transport of the game has more than $15 monthly income. In contrast, 91 wireless total revenue in the first half of this year, the monthly average of 344 million is down to $about 57000000.

in addition there are a little more interesting, an angel investor PP assistant started is 360, but why now to UC under the door outside can make nothing of it.

actually, UC favor PP assistant is a reason. As everyone knows, applications and games for Apple devices are not distributed user pain points down to earth is huge, and the technical difficulty and cause of the scarcity of competitors, unlike Android channels, relatively low barriers to entry, the moment will form a trend of homogenization of competition in the red sea. From the beginning of October 2011, the first version of the PP assistant iOS version of the product, in almost no marketing