CM plans to launch Xxx domain name registration and promotion

news: it is reported that since December 15th 10, ICANN.Xxx officially approved a new top-level domain, the United States ICM Registry days before the launch of the first founder of plan for.Xxx open registration, said it will allow qualified companies to obtain.Xxx domain name registration and promotion rights.


It is understood that the founder of

, plans to include the.Xxx domain name registration, registration based on how to promote the company, provide information submitted to apply for participation in the.Xxx domain in the promotion plan, many participants, will be the birth of the first.Xxx domain name registration company promotion.

investors said that the implementation of.Xxx domain name registration plan means that the domain name and domain name as adult.Com, domain name investors can register and investment, also means that the plan will make the.Xxx domain name extension participants compete to be the founder of the.Xxx domain name registration and promotion "".

on the.Xxx domain, although ICANN has passed its approval, but the opposition has been put forward, when the application as early as seven years ago, ICM to ICANN, although preliminary approval, but soon was a lot of conservative protest groups, the ICM ready to launch the.Xxx domain promotion plan, also will cause no small on the application of domain name dispute.