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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) February 28th news, the Internet lottery was halted message for the lottery website is undoubtedly a heavy blow. In February 25th, the State Sports General Administration issued a circular calling for the strengthening of the management of sports lottery, which involved the use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets. After the announcement, part of the provincial lottery management center has been suspended to accept the Internet lottery sales orders, which spread to many Internet lottery companies.

was affected by the self correction of the Internet lottery industry, 500 lottery network shares listed in the United States 4 days down more than 40% color, the color of God, Donggang net net shares its panda lottery, Hongbo shares, wishful color announced the suspension of sales, Taobao, QQ and other large lottery website also announced that the suspension of SMG part of the high and quick open lottery games.

in recent years, the Internet lottery to sit on the high-speed train, especially the 2014 Brazil world cup is to stimulate the enthusiasm for the Internet lottery, the network lottery market overall development of the rocket. According to the results of the 500 lottery network released 2014 report shows that the annual total sales of $7 billion 150 million, an increase of 134.4%, the annual net income of $579 million 500 thousand, an increase of 123.4%.

a lottery industry pointed out that the Internet lottery industry for more than 2 years has not adjusted, but in the past every two years, the Internet lottery industry suffered a major policy adjustment, this time the whole industry will face greater challenges than the previous. The Internet lottery industry overall self correction, heralded a new round of industry consolidation curtain, there may be on 2014 since the rapid development of the Internet lottery sales site caused no small impact.

earlier, the market had expected to issue 3, April Internet lottery license in 2014, then had to pass the licensing, but with the policy again lower than expected, the Internet lottery industry speculation boom gradually died down, also fell into bad policy situation.

a lottery practitioners said that behind the policy uncertainty, the more hope that the relevant departments announced the rules to the whole society, in addition to the already awarded the qualification of the two companies, with high standards and strict requirements to select the second batch of strength, good professional quality and reputation of the enterprise, has issued the Internet sale of color license, guide enterprises to enter the standardized supervision, promote the industry on the road of the healthy development of norms.

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