Online travel sale website and will be B round of financing scale billion yuan

[Abstract] to the financing of investment for Fosun brothers and CDH venture capital. Will CEO Air China said that the current funds have been credited to the account.

coming CEO Air China

August 15th, the online travel website to sale announced recently completed B round of financing, investors in this round of financing for Fosun brothers capital and CDH, the scale of financing more than one hundred million yuan, the company CEO King Air China said the current funds have been credited into account.

to be focused on the exit to the free exercise of the product sale, the core team has rich experience in the Internet industry, tourism. Annual sales of tens of thousands of selected tourism products, offers special products covering east Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas and other global tourist routes.

data show that the rapid growth of China’s outbound tourism market in the past 10 years, the average annual compound growth rate of up to 23.8% last year, the number of outbound travel nearly billion, the market size of $128 billion 600 million. To cultivating the outbound free exercise is potential tourist market segments, with the China consumption upgrade and the young generation of tourism consumption ability, and the prospect is optimistic about the industry.

Kunzhong capital is Fosun’s investment platform focused on investment risk, Chinese early expansion and innovation of enterprises, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and the United States Silicon Valley offices, and actively looking for dollars and RMB investment opportunities. The main investment areas covered by the Internet and the media, mobile Internet and O2O and other fields. Backed by Fosun Group brothers capital rich industrial and financial resources, the growth momentum of global integration and innovation ability China, is committed to promoting the development of China innovation of enterprises. The investment, Fosun or through the layout to achieve global tourism resources integration.

CDH as the industry’s top investment institutions, has extensive investment portfolio in the Internet, consumer services, and focus on the investment combination of online and offline field. The previous investment in the Hanting Hotels, the way home network, donkey mother, a car rental hi many tourism companies, the domestic tourism industry is considered to be one of the most professional investment institutions. In addition to the tourist industry, Qihoo 360, education, household appliances, Joyoung original life, a lot of room and Guevara are the leading Internet and consumer areas project. Is to be the CDH venture investors A round of financing.