Brush powder division blew operation nsider 100 thousand fans 7 days to fix

"how many fans are there in your micro-blog? Do you want to have the same appeal as the superstar? Your number of fans determines your voice in this era!"

"play micro-blog, Tun fans, to create personal awareness, to expand the brand influence, the number of fans (the number of listeners) = influence!"……

a well-known shopping site, brush fans advertising overwhelming.


era, everyone in micro-blog, share information. Colleagues, classmates, relatives and friends to become concerned about each other’s fans, the number of fans, it seems that the greater the influence. In this context, an alternative career – "brush master" will emerge as the times require.

according to a marketing survey, micro-blog group tends to be highly educated, younger, 60% micro-blog users admitted to reduce the number of blog access; 96% of users said they would learn through micro-blog, released on major incidents and emergencies view. Visible, micro-blog has become the center of public opinion, the event marketing has a strong operability, brush powder to make money possible.

yesterday (October 11th), "daily economic news" reporter to "network company staff" quest "brush brush master" fans of the whole process: more than and 10 computer, each computer with independent IP and cable, through the "self-made brush machine", 100 thousand fans around 7 days will be able to "fix" a month, earn about 50 thousand yuan. The person also told reporters that they and other powder brush team is not the same, they are "people" in the Internet Co, micro-blog update, "inside" will "leak" to them.

"for this malicious registration of & LSquo; generation brush fans," collectively referred to as’ zombie powder’." Tencent Inc stakeholders told reporters that the brush fans this behavior, Tencent said there is no way to stop, only to prevent malicious registration of technology, found zombie powder will be closed directly account.

fans rely on software brush out

3 yuan 1000 fans, $10 thousand, brush 10 thousand can also be presented with 1000 fans, 25." Yesterday, the daily economic news reporter saw from a website, on behalf of the brush fans a huge number of stores, baby price ranging from a few dollars to tens of dollars. Some shops selling "even put up a pageantry brush machine, called" bought "brush machine" they can easily brush. Brush out of the fans into zombie powder and live powder and other major categories. A seller who does not want to be named, these are used to buy and sell micro-blog fans are a lot of software to brush out. With the help of micro-blog fans machine and the like, the average person can also brush. These fans are characterized by no avatar, no reply, no attention, known as zombie powder".

in addition to zombie powder, the shop will also be for some customers to launch "high-quality fans", also known as "live"