VeryCD site can not be accessed or closed SARFT

Tencent Francisco December 9th afternoon, the number of users to reflect on the science and technology Tencent, yesterday also can access the well-known VeryCD download site about 2:30 afternoon suddenly can not access, analysts say or with SARFT recently about the new policy.

is reported that, in addition to Beijing users can not visit, Shenzhen and Shanghai and other places are also unable to respond to the user’s visit to the Verycd site. VeryCD is based on the open source P2P network sharing software eMule, the media resources to provide a website. VeryCD started in September 2003 and uses eMule as the basic shared client.

recently, SARFT has been shutting down some of the BT site, well-known sites BTCHINA, Seymor BT station, such as long man BT website has been shut down. According to SARFT internal staff revealed that in December 11th to start a new batch of illegal audio-visual site filing ban. Yesterday afternoon, the SARFT may shut down the news of the VeryCD site, VeryCD founder Huang Yimeng said the rumors are not true. The other VeryCD executives responded that it has not received any notice of shutting down requirements.

Verycd site has recently been trying to transition, trying to get rid of the fate may be shut down. However, it has not yet been on the transition was shut down, the industry said it did not expect so soon. BT China Alliance and Verycd are well-known P2P download site. Sharing site the Pirate Bay in August this year closed on the famous BT, after the four founders by the Swedish court sentenced to imprisonment for 1 years, the domestic BT share a website for the first time to usher in "life and death exams".

has recently been popular download sites, "documented" the thunder company has not heard may shut down the news, however, insiders said the thunder also must be careful in a double challenge from Party and government regulation of copyright.

press time ago, Tencent science and technology to call the person in charge of VeryCD Huang Yimeng, whose phone is turned off. (Wen Dong Yong /