Sources said the Sohu PPTV marriage fizzled buyers for no nternet service company

hunting cloud network reported on July 30th

PPTV on sale, confused for months, has spread to Ali and other Sohu to negotiate the acquisition, but as of today has not been finalized, but also for the industry frequent news readers called "menstrual news".

but below to say that this part of the content, we really have to pay attention to the. Because eventually won PPTV is not Sohu, nor Ali, but a new big buyer.

is the hunting cloud network news has just received from an insider close the deal at the core, but the person refused to disclose the buyer company name, only that the company listed in domestic, and in which the field is definitely a giant, no Internet business.

if the time point of view, after the famous Sohu, Ali and Su Ning are excluded. But given the range is too large, in accordance with the conditions of many companies, Xiao Yun can’t really think of what is the buyer. Almost certainly, the company wants to take the opportunity to expand online business. Readers can also help Xiao Yun, the range is reduced to the minimum.

these sources, the two sides have recently signed a preliminary agreement on the transaction, has entered the due diligence link. If no accident, August should be officially announced.

but as of now, it is not clear that this mysterious company is a total acquisition or majority holding. Yesterday, there is news that Ali shares PPTV negotiations have come to an end. If two messages are true, it becomes a few companies to buy PPTV transactions.

Zhang Zhaoyang statement implied Sohu has quit

in May this year, Zhang Zhaoyang has said in public that Sohu video will achieve business growth through mergers and acquisitions. At that time, there are many news that Sohu is negotiating mergers and acquisitions PPTV. But two months later, his tone was reversed.

yesterday in the Sohu earnings conference, Zhang Zhaoyang said publicly that do not believe in the acquisition of this thing, look carefully at the various mergers and acquisitions in the industry now. He said that the results of mergers and acquisitions is not necessarily perfect, not many successful cases of integration. In addition, the current low price of Sohu, Sohu can not use the stock, can only be used to do the industry mergers and acquisitions of cash, limiting the strategy of mergers and acquisitions in Sohu.

just a few days ago, Zhang Zhaoyang also adjusted the Sohu video management team, personally served as the agent of CEO, which suggests to strengthen their ability, force video business determination.

attitude conversion between the situation or has been clear, that is, Sohu has launched a video acquisition of PPTV transaction negotiations.