Domestic buy network for ten months the first half of the total loss of 3000

August 31st, Gaopeng retrenched staff attorney high occupation revealed that at present the total number of layoffs of 7 city 9 City Gaopeng in Southern China area is about 70 people, the number of layoffs last month in Beijing, up to 50 people.

in the summer of 2011, the group purchase website heat with the temperature gradually rose to peak at the same time, also began to spread advertising, unable to pay on time layoffs — even though some things when the company responsible person, this is "normal personnel changes".

buy, whether it has become the biggest bubble in China’s Internet sector after the Internet bubble burst in 1999,


just over a year, the number of buy site reached more than 5 thousand, the scale of financing reached $410 million, accounting for the entire e-commerce industry financing scale of 14%, the number of employees of a single company or even up to more than 5 thousand people. All this is equivalent to the level of development of the B2C site for two or three years.

in the brave entrepreneurs relish in the group purchase "clear profit model" and "cash rich", some can not solve the problem China type is eroding their profits and increase their losses. Those who are more powerful than the company, not to see the trap on the road ahead, but they can choose only one way – "adhere to".

insisted, waiting for the disappearance of competitors. Who can lose the final, who may become the only winner.

North trifoliate orange was born in


Andrew · (Andrew) in November 2008 launched the Groupon, I am afraid that did not think: it will appear in China in 5000 copies of the product of Mason.

this may be due to the wealth effect of Groupon is difficult to resist: Groupon is about to be listed in the United States, and in January this year, when Google tried to buy it, had reported its valuation of up to $4 billion 750 million.

on the other hand, the large discount accumulation of registered users (mostly by mail) and then put himself into advertising platform Commission revenue business model according to the volume, it is not difficult to copy.

this makes the group looks like a very flat Golden Avenue – entrepreneurs and hot money are deeply attracted. "The full house in January 2010 officially launched, the next few months have appeared in the U.S. group, handle and so on group purchase website, then a get out of hand." IResearch analyst Su Huiyan impression, the domestic group buying site reached more than 2 thousand by the end of 2010, by July 2011, this figure has become a family of 5000.

entrepreneurs continue to pour, while Taobao, Sohu, Tencent, Baidu and other giants have also set foot in. Consumers also showed a lack of enthusiasm, and even some of the major groups based on the day of the site