Stationmaster year end planning am the master my 2008 award

2008 is coming to an end, rich and colorful look back on this year, as a webmaster if you have many special feelings? If I want to share with other webmasters experience? Whether treasured memory? Then replies or mail to tell to show it, and we also selected articles in the next issue of the magazine "stationmaster", let it become your heart.

webmaster friends can choose one of the following topics (or several) to write, can also be completely subject to write.

1, 2008, what do you think is the biggest and most influential Internet event to you (and why)

?For example, in 2008

"do not abandon, do not give up" as the theme of the annual meeting, Internet webmaster Comsen launched UCHome software SNS, the first set off the upsurge of stationmaster reader of the spirit of "stationmaster" magazine released, personal webmaster Han Hua, was acquired by Baidu to enter the field of electronic commerce, coral events, tomato garden and so on.

What do you think is the biggest change in your

(2 or 2008)? What is the deepest feeling of the year?

, for example, adds SNS services to the site to make the community more viscous, etc.. Please speak freely.

3, what are your expectations for the development of 2009, about your plans or wishes.

4, 2008 you think the most critical (or interesting, important, shocking…… What is a word? Why?

activity bonus (once adopted will receive the following award):

1, published in the "stationmaster" magazine (please give details).

2, have the opportunity to get a QQ Doll (25CM) or the Comsenz characteristics of the 2008 limited edition commemorative t-shirt.

3, have a chance to win a Hany shirt coupons ($50).

activity time: November 28, 2008 —-2008,,

activity: the activity by Comsenz combined with the laggards, stationmaster net, SNS, 55la and other sites quickly owners jointly organized.

submission method: send e-mail [email protected] (email title please specify "I’m a webmaster, my 2008 contribution")

submission requirements:

              1, 300–1000 word.

2, the mail directly with your detailed contact information, including at least: the site name, address, logo (300*300px above), the name of the webmaster >