New York Times China is approaching the United States in the artificial intelligence contest

Chinese time this morning, "New York Times" in a threatening manner to entitled "China Gains on the U.S in the Artificial Intelligence Arms Race" article. Analysis of reports of artificial intelligence development of China articles, and to warn local media not only concerned about the progress of domestic companies.


New York Times original

according to the New York Times website reported that U.S. Defense Secretary Robert · (Robert o. Work) in an interview, said that the most intelligent artificial intelligence in Google and Facebook. Now, China has more and more intelligent artificial intelligence. In the field of artificial intelligence technology, the United States no longer has a strategic monopoly advantage. Artificial intelligence is widely regarded as a key factor in the new generation of war.

In order to prove their

point of view, "New York Times" specifically mentioned company – iflytek. In this paper, iFLYTEK as the outstanding representative of Chinese artificial intelligence enterprise, and highlighted the Xunfei AI core programme – iFLYTEK super brain".


report, one of the remarkable examples of Chinese progress in terms of technology is iFLYTEK had not been widely reported by American media, with a focus on speech recognition and natural language understanding of the artificial Intelligent Company. IFLYTEK has won the international level contest in honor of speech synthesis and English translation.

iFLYTEK is currently working with the Ministry of science and technology R & D cooperation Chinese class answer robot. IFLYTEK chairman Liu Qingfeng said: "our goal is to make the machine in the near future to participate in college entrance examination, and admitted to key universities."

"New York Times" the intent of

obviously, the spring season roared out quickly, to remind its artificial Intelligent Company, the other side of the ocean and the China army ready to AI. The article believes that this situation means that the United States is facing challenges, originally wanted in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence is a big idea, at this time by the Chinese companies to carve up the market.

director turned over the data, the White House Office of science and technology policy report released has pointed out that the number of Chinese researchers contributed to the number of papers related to artificial intelligence has surpassed the United States in recent years, ranking first in the world. Although the researchers from the United States, Canada, Europe’s core promoter that is still a revolutionary breakthrough in artificial intelligence algorithm, but with the talent advantage, China will soon become artificial intelligence research and industrialization backbone.

of course, there are people who hold negative views. "New York Times" as mentioned in the article observer research foundation of Naval Weapons analyst Abby Margit · (Abhijit Singh); Singh said, "I think Chinese in artificial intelligence field.