The hacker base for a lone swordsman jailed for 5 years

reporter learned today, hackbase network (formerly the hacker base) is responsible for Wang Xianbing and lecturer Zhou Linliang, convicted of providing intrusion, illegal control of computer information systems, tools of crime, which is one of the court of final appeal sentenced to 5 years and 4 years.

this involves the most famous hacker coach case, criminal law amendment (seven) is introduced, the city’s first trial involving the crime case.

37 year old Wang Xianbing has been regarded as a leader in the domestic network hacker, network lone swordsman and his main business is precisely the information security. 2000 Wang Xianbing book: at that time the Japanese right-wing coalition to deny the Nanjing massacre and Chinese angered netizens, Wang Xianbing and another netizen has organized the "Chinese right-wing alliance", specifically the black Japanese government website.

developed by China, the little boy software, specializing in the other server, and attracted thousands of people involved in the hacker attack. 2001 Sino US hacker wars, Wang Xianbing and in the circle of a lot of cohesion.

2007, Wang Xianbing took over the "black net", is responsible for site management and operation. According to the prosecution allegations, since the end of 2008, in order to attract membership fees, increase website profit, Wang Xianbing instructed the staff to "hackbase tutorial network" VIP members area and related sectors to upload a large number of dedicated to intrusion, illegal control of computer information systems programs, tools and related technologies for members to download.

at the beginning of 2009, Zhou Linliang joined the "black net", at the behest of Wang Xianbing, he has uploaded "website stallion drill" and a variety of network intrusion and control function with tutorial programs and related technology.

October 2010, Wang Xianbing, Zhou Linliang was arrested by the police. It is reported that, as before the incident, "hackbase network" has recruited 1789 members of VIP. And confirmed, "hackbase net" VIP members area in February 28, 2009, 18 for the upload program 12 file download in the network intrusion, control and other functions, more people download as much as 12 thousand.

court, as one of the country’s most prestigious, one of the hackers, Wang Xianbing objection to the allegations. He believes that the prosecution finds the hacker software, can not be simply divided into "black" or "white"".

Wang Xianbing said, my philosophy is: "Fanghei pass black", "black Internet tools are the network security company to do network security risk assessment services must, if malicious use will be harmful to the network security, but if the user is to improve the network security defense skills, it would not be a problem." Wang Xianbing goes to the judge explained.

in addition, Wang Xianbing also proposed four objection to the charges: the website is for business and publicity surrounding the IT training, not intentionally upload illegal software; "hackbase 2009 universal toolbox" is not the number of upload; refers to indictment is viewed, not downloaded; there is no evidence that people use the network.