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Xu Fei has recently moved out of office. As a well-known steel information website quote, he felt he was more and more disappointed in the industry. Especially, the company recently with colleagues illegal events price punishment, but he was a kind of unconscious "into the role", and thus lead to many regrets.

at present, behind a huge plate of steel circulation industry in China, after several years of development produced many offer this service to institutions on the lower reaches of the platform, the parties to the third party based on the market price, the settlement price as a reference to each other.

But the

should be transparent and fair, given the market objective reference price system, the information content, the object in question, and the platform of their own advertising fees, membership fees and other income disputes together, but gradually become steel mills, traders, the three party platform game chaos stage.

"steel price often in steel mills, traders two party power attack. The former wished to offer better settlement date, the latter is opposite." Xu Fei told reporters, as a quote platform, either playing on both sides of Tai Chi does not offend, or simply to give advertising to do more to choose."

under the temptation, and no regulation of the beam, part of the site has the right to speak, began to appear distortion of operation.

the afternoon of June 8th, China iron and steel industry steel prices the most comprehensive information portal "steel net", issued a price adjustment information to the members of the customer: "8 days after Shanghai building materials individually cut, free big screw 3910-3920, other 3900-3910 flat, three 3910-4040 fell 20, the rest is stable."

such a message is the norm, as customers of steel mills, traders and other day will receive a number of. But this piece of information on the overall price of three rebar fell by $20 / ton, but caused a small storm.

outflow from the steel trade QQ news shows, the price adjustment is based on the quotation team first change intraday market conditions, and sends the SMS notification, and within the group have different opinion, a day after the rate cut news for the good, without price, and through the technical department revoked the consultation published market but the cancellation notice has not been sent to the user.

repeated, as well as the existence of a number of customer complaints, making many users of the "steel" related to the fairness of the market price questioned. In June 15th, the "steel net" issue a notice of penalty in the internal of steel building materials group members were deducted bonus and criticism.

although the "steel net" emphasizes the information quality and homeopathy, the importance of fair and open principle, but this news was spread in the circle, immediately triggered a discussion about the offer system vulnerabilities.

has an unspoken understanding of the unspoken rules of the industry told reporters: do not rule out the existence of a possibility, under the steel price