Community electricity providers tools who is the future of the female market

Since the rise of

mobile era, consumption habits and habits of the catalyst changes the female market turn the world upside down, as a new blue ocean more and more attention by the people, but also the emergence of a series of star products echelon. Electricity providers, tools, media and other forms of products filled with major application stores, and the community represents the evolution of the Internet era products but few traces.

in June this year, a "community" mobile application in on-line, on-line 60 days actually rushed to the first life list, the total list of seventh. Behind her not many female beauty products, grapefruit, aunt, freaky help, beauty,

three mobile world women’s market

menstrual tool life and death battle

aunt do as female menstrual records for selling tools, strongly pursued by the market and users, and a year later, the U.S. grapefruit as category with the property market after the login tool, both from the beginning of the 14 year, the various dimensions of the competition and slobber war. Six months after the end of the war, the two sides conducted a C round of financing, began to focus on the construction of the community system. For the origin of the tool from the app, the lack of user retention time is very easy to affect the flow of the late realization of the system. But for the two models of female app, user habits from the tool to Polish community still need a certain amount of time is good, they still have a registered huge, how to do, would be a huge problem.



crack in the electricity supplierTaobao

in baptism, women online shopping market by leaps and bounds, but also created a number of women’s shopping guide link to Taobao’s traffic station, said is beautiful and sometimes titans. Then, with the increasing of flow rate, as well as Taobao’s "sense of crisis", beautiful and were blocked, but the development of both conform to the mobile Internet, the rapid on-line mobile app, and successfully turned to self built mall C2C model. has been proud of the transformation of the people have been brutally closed community, has not yet opened again.

mother to child, women to the right of the two community

compared to the direction of the unified direction of the tool and the electricity supplier, the community from the crowd attributes presented a number of population differentiation. As an important UGC manufacturing and communication platform, from the PC era to the mobile Internet era has been the concern of the community, for the direction of the formation of the mother and child for the community and two directions for women in the community. "Freaky help" and "her community" is a focus on the field of maternal and child, another focus of two community women in the vertical field, as a pure community direction perpendicular to the female users of her community has a natural advantage in the attribute selection and content production, any female audience can find belongs to a piece of her space.

From the development of mobile

female app, pure PGC can blow money, but most of them are one-way operation through their recommended.