Website should not have pop up window

      some users, when they browse the tree, a circle down there will be a lot of pop-up window, some people feel confused or even offensive. Unfortunately, it’s up to me to solve the problem.

      site of the pop-up window, this seemingly small problem, in fact, has been mixed. At the same time, the different nature of the site, the user uses different browsers, users at home and abroad to use the browser’s habits are different, resulting in one thousand sites, there are one thousand kinds of pop-up practices. Even when a site is dealing with the same problem, the habit of popping is inconsistent. There is no law can be found, I asked Allen, Allen is a very quick answer: "of course, the bomb to open a new window to open the place, should not open the place to open up." In a word, before returning to liberation.

      after a number of colleagues and PK (note that the PK pop-up window to PK than other Dongdong many complicated, sometimes can not find the answer, you get off). But we persisted, and gradually, began to work out some of the more able to perform: -) principle:

      1) pop-up window is too much to let some mothers feel confused and disgusted, when doing Focus Groups, there are a lot of mothers directly raised the question. We have a responsibility to improve the user experience, so this is really a problem to be solved;

      Allen 2) the answer should be changed to not pop up place must not pop up, except for a few places must pop up (see, this is not the creative play Allen: -)?

      3) at the same time, we can not use the pop-up window to cover up, or disguised to solve some of the local site navigation function of weak or confusing

      interestingly, when we use the above principles to look at domestic and foreign websites, no one can fully meet these principles.   even search sites to us Google vs. us Yahoo! For example, even the search results of a pop-up, one does not pop (Bao Baoshu think should pop up, this Google do Lve Shengyichou).

      finally, the "lucky" the person in charge of the project implementation plan is recommended as follows: the basic site to refresh the page as a benchmark, adjust the part of the page navigation, open the window in the search results, the forum, the forum list and use spring only. At the same time, the baby tree album, animation, and the future of the video (yes, since the animation, the video can be far?) The navigation function is confusing, we