National Copyright Administration APP and cloud infringement included in the blacklist


points issued by the national copyright administration, proposed technical solutions to deal with the infringement of the mobile terminal third party applications, the purpose is to reduce the frequency of the occurrence of violations by technical means.


when the mobile Internet technology continues to develop, the new copyright infringement is also indiscriminate breeding. Faced with this new situation, China’s copyright law enforcement agencies are constantly adjusting the focus of law enforcement.

in May, the State Copyright Bureau issued the "2015 national news publication (copyright) against infringement and counterfeiting points" (hereinafter referred to as "points"), the outstanding problems at present in the field of copyright, will carry out concentrated rectification actions.

which, in the field of mobile Internet and cloud storage space as a representative of the new copyright infringement remediation work, has been repeatedly mentioned.

piracy APP need technical means to manage

"the intelligent mobile terminal third party applications (APP) and other new forms of communication into the scope of regulation" for applications (APP) and other mobile Internet copyright protection technology solutions, new media to curb piracy"…… The main points in the work of these positions, the position of the copyright infringement will clearly focus on the fiery APP market.

for the problem of copyright infringement of the era of mobile Internet applications, intellectual property research center of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law professor Xiong Qi said that the application of the tort is mainly manifested in two aspects: first, the digital application itself is to enjoy copyright of others, such as writing or making software works of others application software available to the public."

such APP infringement, in addition to the common pirated software applications, the other is a typical form of others to enjoy the copyright of the novel into APP sales. Writer Li Chengpeng, nine knives and other literary works, they have appeared in the form of APP in the apple store, resulting in disputes and even lawsuits.

The second case, the

, is that the application helps the user search or link directly to other people’s copyrighted works." Xiong Qi said.

is a large Internet Co employee Wang Yang (a pseudonym) told reporters the weekend rule, the application of the intelligent mobile phone has become an important channel for users to get film and music works, and many application developers also feel this one of the doorways, many pirated video content infringement APP emerge in an endless stream.

Wang Yang to provide the rule of law in the Weekend reporter’s material, a detailed analysis of the infringement of such APP: a lot of such APP, are playing the movie Daquan, XX movie name. On the face of it, are all parties to the aggregation of resources, and then jump to the original site to play the link APP, but after technical analysis can be found, a lot of APP save >