Stationmaster net broadcast online platform 5173 to one hundred thousand online rumors is the end

1 online virtual platform 5173 "prostitute": 1 billion 500 million sold to Zhang machine  

traditional enterprise restructuring of the Internet industry is still in depth. Domestic A shares enterprise Zhang machine (002564) announced the day before, announced plans to spend 1 billion 500 million yuan acquisition of Shanghai Bao cool, Jinhua Licheng and Shanghai kubao all equity.

preliminary estimates, Shanghai Bao cool 100% stake in the estimated value of about $1 billion 50 million, Jinhua Cheng Cheng shares of the estimated value of about 425 million yuan, the estimated value of the shares of the company in Shanghai, a cool treasure of $25 million 560 thousand to $100%.

Zhang machine plans to issue price of 6.42 yuan / share, issued 156 million shares to all shareholders of Shanghai Bao cool, and buy all the shares of the company to pay 50 million yuan in cash; Jinhua Licheng, Shanghai kubao cash payment to purchase.

after the completion of this transaction, Shanghai Bao cool, Jinhua Licheng, Shanghai Bao cool Zhang machine will become a wholly owned subsidiary, according to the results of commitment, Shanghai Bao cool, Jinhua Licheng, Shanghai kubao 2014 year 2015 year 2016 year 2017 annual consolidated net profit attributable to the parent company of not less than 110 million yuan, 132 million yuan, 152 million yuan and 175 million yuan.

2 is the first input 50 yiwanda Tencent Baidu "Dahuo" business  

until the start of the minutes before the conference, the three chiefs are still talking about smart square and wisdom plaza which is better. Wang Jianlin has always been on time waiting for Robin Li and 20 minutes, and this cooperation, Wanda has been waiting for two years.

August 29th, Wanda Group, Baidu, Tencent held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Shenzhen, announced the establishment of a joint venture Wanda electricity supplier, the goal is to build the world’s largest O2O electronic business platform. The company’s first investment of 5 billion yuan, of which Wanda holdings of $70%, Tencent and Baidu each of the 15%.

is essentially Wanda joint Tencent Baidu company wants to use two Internet transformation, from this point of view, Wanda electricity supplier model is atypical monologue breakout game, Tencent and Baidu just over the site to help the company. Electricity supplier analyst Lu Zhenwang told the "daily economic news" reporter said, the biggest weakness of this model is that the Tencent, Baidu as part of the business in the small shareholders, and Wanda overlapping background, to a few component is not clear, but the existing short board team Wanda electricity supplier there are technology and execution of the.

3 online rumors "one hundred thousand navy" end telltale operation mode of

"one hundred thousand" for your call! "A company specializing in network rumors, home page on its website so that.

yesterday, Wuhan police announced that after 3 months of investigation, in August 23rd >