f you have 600 million micro blog grassroots fans what to do


How can

have 600 million fans?

today, this article does not talk about Ma Lei, Liu Qiangdong, don’t talk, do not talk about jindong. We have a change. Today, we talk about the Internet, and these groups are completely different from another group of people, a group of real grassroots.

but you don’t look down upon this group of grassroots. Although this group of grassroots ring in the arena without one million, but many of these hidden skills, even V doesn’t add the grassroots micro-blog WeChat account, hundreds of millions of fans to master, and some even tens of millions.

is the tens of millions.

, this group of people is in control of rivers and lakes mysterious person "grassroots large expert". You may know their account (most of the encyclopedia, emotion psychology, joke and so on), but it may never know who is behind these account owners. Especially for some PR companies, they know that their agent of the brand, please forward a little chance to star in the soft 8:20, so those without V grassroots large in "social marketing" plays an important role. But even the best public relations companies may never know exactly who they are paying for.

by chance, I was invited to share in a conference called """ and """, which made me have the opportunity to "spy" on the world of large roots I’ve been curious about.

what is " cattle micro "? Micro-blog fans 1 million, WeChat subscription is the lowest threshold of 200 thousand. From the condition to enroll more than 1 thousand people, organizers say they selected the more than and 100 most influential people (fans together 600 million). This mysterious 100 cattle micro Union – from around the country gathered in the FTA, flew to Shanghai, two days to the closed door meeting, 600 million fans how to maximize business value.

"cattle micro alliance" more cattle? There is a part of the inaugural meeting, the host invited some only in legend heard "grassroots large" came to share. The podium seven person, the seven person from left to right to share his "skill":

first person can not spend money to a video to Youku video of the top two; second people have a lot of very special QQ, together with the value of 30 million yuan; third personal friends WeChat mail list (not public number) 630 thousand; fourth people sitting on 10 million Tencent micro-blog audience; fifth people have more than and 200 place the fans will be sixth people; seemingly weak little girl, but QQ space popularity reached 600 million; seventh WeChat public number reaches up to about 20000000 subscribers.

came to my mind four words: Huashan mountain


organizing committee is where to find the group "I’m from"