Who should we trust in the world of the nternet

      a, what is the change in our

      "the invention of the computer is the greatest invention of the century", the last century at the beginning of 90s a word, certainly is no doubt the influence of computer application in the world. However, after entering twenty-first Century, the computer application light gradually covered by a bright light, that is "the internet". In twenty-first Century, the role of computer applications has slowly become a tool from the protagonist, the era of a network.

      undeniable, the network is slowly changing our lives, the network for the first time the distance between people so close. Horses can make people a day in the car, you can make hundreds of aircraft can make you popular, a thousand li a day, the phone yiriwanli can make you the person you know at any time line. Now, as long as you like, you can communicate with anyone who you don’t know and don’t know through the internet. There will be another bided exam, one to three years. ".

      two, the generation of trust crisis

      the rapid development of science and technology so that the distance between people is infinitely closer, but the sense of trust between people is more and more fragile. TV, computer is the fastest popularization in recent 20 years, the two products have the greatest impact on people’s daily life, they change the night people "channeling the door" and "talk" and other traditional entertainment habits, people get through their "rich knowledge, rich experience, rich amateur life, but at the same time inadvertently, the loss of communication between people. No communication will not build trust, it is difficult for people to see the courtyard style neighborhood relationship, and replaced by more prevention and suspicion. After our descendants will be difficult to understand "Doors are unbolted at night. this idiom. In a variety of media publicity, the myth of a wealth of unlimited exaggeration, many around the rich life of the film and television drama, reports stimulate the nerves of every ordinary people. People Losers are always in the wrong. "thinking in today’s market economic system, making the" use unscrupulous divisive tactics "and" seeking "is no longer a derogatory term. The release of "mobile phone" has triggered a big discussion about people trust two words, will also be the settle a matter by leaving it unsettled the fight the end, because we believe in communism before, people can’t solve this problem.

      three, what people are using "trust" to make money?

      there is such a group of figures: "2004 CCTV’s total revenue of 10 billion, advertising revenue exceeded 8 billion." The TV advertising market will reach 80 billion in 2007." In 2006 China’s online advertising scale was 46>