High conversion rate of ten sites

owners are pursuing traffic, and sometimes it is a blind pursuit of. Owners should first establish the concept: the flow is the cost, is to pay, is to spend money out, rather than income.

maybe because I’m a host server, this idea is natural and ingrained to me. In Singapore, bandwidth is one of the most important costs for servers, and prices are rising. Customer site traffic, is a headache, rather than a happy thing.

only target flow into the order, is the income.

those who have investment, you can do the flow, and then study how to make money except for the site.

do SEO, do traffic, are only a small part of the site operation. Increasing the conversion rate is another very important part. For large e-commerce sites, the conversion rate increased by 0.5% or even 0.1% means to increase revenue.

how to improve the conversion rate can be considered in the following areas:

refining unique selling point

website design professional

strong copywriting

provide detailed information to answer all possible questions

increase the trust of the site to the user

website usability

shopping cart process optimization

promotional package integrated use of

guide users to take action

provides zero risk purchase

see how best to do the best understanding of the site. According to a report released by Nelson in January, some e-commerce sites have a high conversion rate, it is worth studying.

proflowers.com 30.6% flower, gift

metrostyle.com 23.6% ladies dress

qvc.com 21.6% clothes, jewelry, kitchen supplies, etc.

officedepot.com 21.6% office supplies

llbean.com everyone 21.5% clothes, also sell what the furniture.

tickets.com 20.1% tickets, tickets, movie tickets, tickets for the concert

blair.com 18.9% is also selling clothing jewelry

landsend.com 18.4% is also selling clothes

1800flowers.com 17.8% flower, gift

sportsmansguide.com 16.8% outdoor activities, such as hunting